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After completion, client and construction company and designer checks the result. If it had some problems, I'll make constructor modify them. I hand over the room to client and all of my work has finished. Thank you for our hard work!

I summarized the work flow of my interior design below.

01. Orientation (hearing and making mind map)
02. Field study(measurement, photographing, check)
03. Thinking and trial (by sketches, models and CG)
04. Presentation (design proposal for client)
05. Contract(about payment and copyright)
06. Basic design (for estimate)
07. Value Engineering (for cost down)
08. Detail design (for construction)
09. Supervision (check construction and problem solving at the field )
10. Completion (check the result and handing over)

These operations needs long time and great endurance. But it's very joyful work for me.

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